Document Windows

In the SOLIDWORKS application, each part, assembly, and drawing is referred to as a document, and each document is displayed in a separate window. (Each drawing document can contain multiple drawing sheets, though.)

  • The main section of the window, where the model or drawing is displayed, is the graphics area.
  • The left panel displays managers such as the FeatureManager design tree, the PropertyManager, and the ConfigurationManager.
  • You can have multiple part, assembly, and drawing document windows open at the same time. Also, you can have multiple views of the same document visible at the same time by opening a new window or by using viewports.
  • To gain as much space as possible in the graphics area, use Full Screen Mode, which hides the menus, status bar, Task Pane, and FeatureManager design tree. You can toggle visibility of all open toolbars and the FeatureManager design tree separately.
  • An asterisk (*) beside the document name in the menu bar indicates that the document has changed since it was last saved.