A scene is a set of 3D objects, including the models, lights, and camera used when rendering.

In SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you use High Dynamic Range Images (HDRIs) as the light source in projects. The software maps an HDRI onto a spherical environment that envelops models like a bubble. The HDRI radiates light into the scene according to the RGB values of each pixel in the image. This technique simulates real-world lighting even when you need wide contrast ranges.

The HDRI is mapped onto a sphere with a radius of 25 meters centered at the world origin. You can rotate, scale, and offset the environmental sphere relative to the world origin.

An HDRI is a 2D image stored in a file format with a greater range of luminance values than a standard bitmap image. HDRIs are often used as environment maps in image-based lighting techniques to create subtle, real-world lighting effects. Image-based lighting is a technique in which a photographic reference image is used as an environment map to control the surface illumination of a 3D object to create subtle real-world lighting effects.