Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations to quickly access functionality in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

To display keyboard shortcuts, press F12. For most keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl to make adjustments in finer steps (typically one-tenth of the step size of the default).
If shortcut keys are already defined on your system for other uses, they may behave differently from the descriptions below.
Ctrl + N New Project
Ctrl + S Save Project
Ctrl + Shift + S Save Project As (.svpj - SOLIDWORKS Visualize project)
Ctrl + O Open Project
Ctrl + I Import Models and Parts
Ctrl + W Close
Ctrl + F4 Close
Ctrl + K Open Options dialog box
Alt + F4 Close SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Ctrl + Q Close SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Backspace Delete
Delete Delete
Ctrl + F When on the Appearance, Scene, or Camera tab of the Palette, pressing Ctrl + F places the cursor in the search field in the top right corner of the tab. This lets you search or filter the the assets on the tab by the text you type in the field.
F1 Help
Spacebar Changes from Easy Mode to Normal Mode
D Turns the Denoiser on and off.
Ctrl + 1 Objects tab
Ctrl + 2 Appearances tab
Ctrl + 3 Scenes tab
Ctrl + 5 Cameras tab
Ctrl + 0 File Libraries tab
Ctrl + P Takes a snapshot with current settings
~ Cycles through render modes
Ctrl + L Hides or shows timeline
Alt + Home Previous selection mode
Alt + End Next selection mode
Alt + Page Up Previous manipulation mode
Alt + Page Down Next manipulation mode
F11 Displays full screen
F12 Shows Hot Keys dialog box
Tab Cycles through editable items
Ctrl + U Hides or shows Heads-up display
Ctrl + Shift + P Pauses or resumes raytracing
Ctrl + M Toggles presentation mode
Alt + 1 Next model set
Alt + Shift+ 1 Previous model set
Alt + 2 Next configuration
Alt + Shift + 2 Previous configuration
Alt + 3 Next environment
Alt + Shift + 3 Previous environment
Alt + 4 Next plate
Alt + Shift + 4 Previous plate
Alt + 5 Next camera
Alt + Shift + 5 Previous camera
Right-click the center of the transform manipulator Snaps selected object to surface
Ctrl + Shift + click Centers selection
Ctrl + Shift + right-click Focuses on selection
Alt + Shift + right-click Look at (without moving camera)
Home Look at selected objects
F Zoom to fit
Ctrl + A Selects all
Ctrl + Shift + A Switches selection modes
Ctrl + H Hides selection
Ctrl + Shift + U Shows all
Ctrl + Shift + H Shows only
Ctrl + Shift + F Hides or shows floor reflections
Ctrl + Shift + G Flattens floor
Ctrl + Shift + E Hides or shows environment
Ctrl + Shift + B Hides or shows backplate visibility
Ctrl + Alt + click Rotates environment
Ctrl + E Loads environment image
Ctrl + B Loads backplate image
Ctrl + G Hides or shows the grid (visible when raytrace is off)
Ctrl + Shift + [ Decreases environment brightness by 0.05
Ctrl + Shift + ] Increases environment brightness by 0.05
Ctrl + Shift + ; Decreases environment gamma by 0.05
Ctrl + Shift + ' Increases environment gamma by 0.05
Ctrl + [ Decreases environment brightness by 0.25
Ctrl + ] Increases environment brightness by 0.25
Ctrl + ; Decreases environment gamma by 0.25
Ctrl + ' Increases environment gamma by 0.25
F10 Accumulates
Appearance Controls
Double-click Selects appearance and its properties
Shift + click Copies appearance (when on Appearances tab)
Shift + right-click Pastes appearance (when on Appearances tab)
Camera Controls
Alt + click Rotates camera
Alt + middle mouse button click Pans camera
Alt + right-click Zooms camera
Alt + Scroll Adjusts camera focal length
Ctrl + Alt + Scroll Twists the camera
Ctrl + Alt + right-click Changes the camera focal point
Alt + Shift + right-click Changes the camera focal point without moving the camera
Ctrl + Shift + click Centers the selection in the 3D viewport
Ctrl + Shift + right-click Based on your selection mode, focuses the camera on the center of the selection.
Home Changes the look-at point to the selected object
Alt + Shift + middle mouse button click Sets the camera point of view
Alt + Shift + click Mimics the movement of walking through the scene, without changing the height of the camera.
Enable the use of this keyboard shortcut by clicking Tools > Options . On the User Interface tab, select Use ALT + SHIFT for Walking Camera Navigation.
Alt + middle mouse wheel Increases or decreases perspective
Alt + Shift + C Resets camera
Ctrl + Shift + L Locks camera
Alt + 5 Next camera
Alt + Shift + 5 Previous camera
Ctrl + Shift + K Creates keyframe