SOLIDWORKS Visualize Interface

When you launch SOLDIWORKS Visualize, the home screen appears. From the home screen, you can open projects or create new projects. From a project, you can navigate to various elements in the interface:

  • Menu bar
  • Viewports
  • Palette (Models, Appearances, Scenes, Cameras, Libraries)
  • Main toolbar
  • Heads-up display
  • Animation timeline
To modify the user interface, you must first open a project.

Click New Project to start a blank project, or Open Project to work on an existing project. You can also choose from the list of Recent Projects, Sample Projects, and Recent SOLIDWORKS Documents in most cases.

When the project has loaded, you can modify the user interface as follows:

To change the width of the Palette:

Drag its border with the mouse

To break the entire Palette away from its dock:

Drag any tab in the Palette. You can drag a free-floating palette anywhere on the screen.

To dock a free-floating Palette:

Drag it near a window edge. Anchor arrows appear on the left or right sides. Release the Palette on top of the arrow on the desired side.

To hide the main or heads-up display when not in use:

Click the pin at the upper right edge.

To reveal a hidden toolbar:

Hover over the area where it resides. Click the pin again to keep it visible.