Defining Two-Dimensional Curve-to-Curve Contact

You can include curve-to-curve contact in a motion study when you can define contact between two parts from two curves that touch in parallel or coincident planes. You can use straight lines, edges, closed contours, splines, arcs, or continuous curves to define the contact.

To specify curve-to-curve contact:

  1. From a Motion Analysis study, click Contact Tool_3DContact.gif.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Contact Type, click Curves .
  3. Under Selections, select the two curves or edges in contact.
    The two curves must be in parallel or coincident planes.
    You are not required to specify the exact point of contact between the curves. The point of contact can move during the motion as one curve rolls or slips along the other curve.
    • Select the two curves or edges from model in the graphics area.
    • Click SelectionManager to use the SOLIDWORKS SelectionManager to select the two curves or edges.
    See SOLIDWORKS Help: SelectionManager.
  4. Click Outward Normal Direction to change the direction of the normal force applied to the selected part.
  5. Under Selections:
    • Clear Curves always touch for intermittent contact of curves in parallel planes.
    • Select Curves always touch to constrain continual contact of curves in the same plane.
  6. Select other contact options and click to close the PropertyManager, or click Keep Visible before clicking to define more contact objects.