Controlling the Display of Dashboard Results

To control how Environmental Impact dashboard results are displayed:

  1. On the bottom left of the dashboard, expand the results control and choose the impact assessment methodology to use.
    Your choice determines the calculation algorithms and units used to display results.
    Option Description
    CML CML is based on European regional conditions. For LCA studies outside of North America, the CML methodology is the most commonly used set of environmental indicators for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
    TRACI TRACI is based on regional conditions of the United States and can be used to accurately model North American LCA studies.
  2. Click Set Baseline PM_SetBaseline_Sustain.gif to set the current results as a baseline
    When the environmental impact is calculated, the new (Current) results are compared to this baseline.
  3. Click Import Baseline PM_ImportBaseline_Sustain.gif to import an existing baseline to use in the current model.