Generating Output from Environmental Impact Results

To generate output from the environmental impact results:

  1. Click Save As PM_GenerateReport_Sustain.gif.
  2. In the Sustainability Output dialog box, select a File type:
    • Report – Generate a Sustainability report in .docx format
    • Spreadsheet – Generate a spreadsheet of results and inputs in .csv format
    • GaBi input file – Generate a file that can be read into GaBi software
  3. Optionally, change the File name and Save file to location.
    By default, the name and location of the part or assembly you are evaluating is used as the name and location for the output file.
  4. Click OK.

    If you chose a report as the output type, a link to the report appears in the navigation bar.

    If you chose a spreadsheet or GaBi input file, the files are created in the Save file to location.