Viewing Dashboard Result Details

To view result details in the Environmental Impact dashboard:

  1. Review the graphical information in the four impact areas:
    • Carbon Footprint
    • Energy Consumption
    • Air Acidification
    • Water Eutrophication

    Pie charts show the relative impact of the input parameters on each area.

    Bars below each pie chart compare the current material to the previous or baseline material.

    Arrows beside the pie charts emphasize the increase or decrease in environmental impact and show the percentage of change.

  2. Mouse over each pie chart to see the percentage of impact of each parameter.
  3. Mouse over the bars to see the current and previous/baseline values.
  4. Click an impact area to display bar charts showing the change in values for impact parameters.
  5. Click Home tool_sustainability_home.gif to return to the initial Environmental Impact view.