Touch Mode

Touch mode makes the user interface easier to interact with when you use a touch-enabled device. It optimizes the size of on-screen manipulators, context toolbars, breadcrumbs, and selection.

To turn on touch mode, click View > Touch Mode .

Touch mode is optimized for left- or right-handed users based on your Windows settings.

When you turn on touch mode, a toolbar of commonly used tools appears on the left or right side of the SOLIDWORKS window, including:

Escape Exits the current mode or selection.
Shortcut (S) Key Opens the shortcut bar.
Multi-select Lets you:
  • Select more than one item at a time. It is equivalent to Ctrl + select with a mouse.
  • Drag your finger to box select or lasso entities.
Delete Deletes the selected item.
Zoom Up and Zoom Down Changes the zoom scale for the magnifying glass.
Lock 3D Rotate (Sketch mode only) Locks the ability to rotate the model so you do not accidentally rotate the model while sketching.