CATIA Graphics Files

The CATIA® Graphics (CGR) translator imports CGR files as SOLIDWORKS part documents or exports SOLIDWORKS part or assembly documents as CATIA graphics files that users can view in CATIA, CATweb, and DMU Navigator. CGR files contain only graphical information and are for viewing only

  1. To open a CGR file in SOLIDWORKS:
    1. Click Open (Standard toolbar) or File > Open.
    2. In the dialog box, set Files of type to Catia Graphics (*.cgr).
    3. Browse to a file and click Open.
  2. To export a SOLIDWORKS document as a CGR file:
    1. With a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly document open, click File > Save As.
    2. In the dialog box, set Save as type to Catia Graphics (*.cgr).
    3. Type the file name in the File name box, and click Save.