Inserting Library Features on a Plane

You can drag library features to a plane, or anywhere in the graphics area. If you drag a library feature to the graphics area, you are prompted to select a plane. You can also pre-select the plane.

To place a library feature on a plane, right-click the plane, and select Show, to select the plane before dragging the library feature from the Design Library. This enables you to select the plane border and the plane name when placing the library feature.

To insert a library feature on a plane:

  1. Open the part to which you want to add the library feature.
  2. Drag the library feature from the Design Library into the graphics area.
  3. Place the pointer on plane border or plane name.
    If you drag a library feature to a reference plane, the drop point defaults to the center of the selected reference plane.
  4. In the PropertyManager, under Configurations:
    1. Select a configuration.
    2. Select Link to library part if you want changes to the parent part to propagate to this part.
  5. Under References, select the entity (edge, plane, and so on) in the graphics area that corresponds to the reference highlighted in the preview window.
    Selected Entity Reference in the preview window Corresponding entity in the graphics area
    Front edge
    Plane of axis
    Depth offset edge
    You can click the arrow to reverse the sketch orientation when inserting the library part.
  6. Under Locating Dimensions, select a Value if you want to change the location of the library feature.
    Locating Dimensions displays values only if you added dimensions to the Locating Dimensions folder in the Library Feature part.
  7. Under Size Dimensions:
    1. Select Override dimension value if you want to change dimensions of the library feature.
      Size Dimensions is only available after you place the References and select Override dimension value.
    2. Select a Value and edit the dimension.
  8. Click .