Serial Number Properties Dialog Box

Use the Serial Number dialog box to create serial numbers to automatically name files, to generate unique item IDs, or to add unique running values to card controls.

To display this dialog box:

Right-click Serial Numbers and select New Serial Number.

Type Select one of the following:

Type the list to be used in the data field.

Serial number from string

The serial number is made up of a combination of static text and a running automated value.

Serial number from add-in

The serial number is retrieved from a serial number add-in, created in VB or C++ using the SOLIDWORKS PDM API, available in the vault.

Before you can use the add-in option, you must create and add a SOLIDWORKS PDM serial number add-in that generates the serial number. See Add-in Properties Dialog Box and SOLIDWORKS PDM API Help for details.
Add-in serial numbers are not supported as item ID generators.
Data When the type is List, type a list of values.
Format string When the type is Serial number from string, build the string by typing static text (characters that stay the same) and clicking to select dynamic (changing) variables.

Variables appear as blue controls in the edit field. You can add more than one variable to the field.

Example text shows how the serial number will read.

Name of add-in When the type is Serial number from add-in, select from a list of installed add-ins.
Next counter value Set the starting value for the serial number.