Creating a Serial Number from a String

To create a serial number from a string:

  1. Right-click Serial Numbers and select New Serial Number.
  2. In the Serial Number dialog box, type the serial number name.
  3. For Type, select String.
  4. Use the Format string field to build the string:
    1. Type text that you want to stay the same in the string. For example, if you start the format string by typing the letter D, the serial number will always start with D.
    2. Click to select dynamic (changing) variables.

      For example, selecting Counter value and 0001 creates a decimal counter with four digits, using 0 as the place filler.

      The number of digits does not restrict the serial number. If you use four digits and the counter passes 9999, 10000 will be the next value.

      Variables appear as blue controls in the edit field. You can add more than one variable to the field.

    Example text shows how the serial number will read.
  5. In Next counter value, set the starting value for the serial number. You can start from any integer number.
  6. Click OK.
Use the serial number in card controls or template variables.