Creating a Data Card

Create data cards to let users view and modify information about files, items, and folders in the vault database. You can customize data cards to prompt users for information and to let users perform searches.

To design a data card:

  1. Right-click Cards and select Open Card Editor.
  2. In the Card Editor, click File > New.
  3. In the Card Properties pane, specify a Card name.
  4. Select a Card type and assign properties for the specified card type.

    See Card Properties for a description of the card types. The fields in the Card Properties pane depend on the card type you choose (File Card, Folder Card, Template Card, Search Card, or Item Card).

  5. Click Resizable if you want users to be able to resize the card.
  6. For File Extensions (file cards only), specify the files formats that use the card, such as doc;xls;docx;xlsx.
  7. Select a control to add to the data card from the Controls toolbar and click in the card to place it.

    You can add graphical elements such as text boxes, buttons, combo boxes, images, search controls, and tabs. See Adding Card Controls to a Data Card for details.

  8. Arrange the card elements by aligning or gluing them.
  9. Click Save or File > Save to save the data card.