Opening the Card Editor

You can open the card editor to create and manage data cards that let users view and modify information stored in the vault database.

To use the Card Editor, you must have one of the following user or group permissions:
  • Can update the design of cards
  • Can update search forms
  • Can update template forms
To open the card editor, do one of the following:
  • To open the card editor without opening a card, right-click Cards and click Open Card Editor.
  • To create a new card of a specific type, expand Cards, right-click the type of card to create, and click New Card.
  • To open a specific card, expand Cards and the card type and double-click the card.
  • To open a card from Windows File Explorer, navigate to install_dir\Default Cards\ and double-click the card to open. In the Card Edit - Select File Vault dialog box, select the vault in which to edit the card.