Creating Workflows

You can create a new workflow to define a specific approval process for one or more file types or categories.

To create a workflow:

  1. Right-click Workflows and select New Workflow.
  2. In the Workflow Properties dialog box:
    1. Specify a workflow Name.
    2. Optionally specify a Description.
    3. Create any number of Conditions to define what vault files can enter this workflow.
    4. Click OK.

    The workflow editor window appears with a single initial state called Initiated.

  3. To define your workflow, do any of the following:
    • Edit the Initiated state to rename it, supply a description, and assign access rights to users and groups.
    • Create additional states.
    • Create transitions between states.
    • Link to another workflow.
  4. To save your workflow, click Save or File > Save.
  5. To test your workflow, check in files that both satisfy and do not satisfy the workflow conditions to see if they are assigned the initial state of your workflow.