Search View

You can use search view to display file and folder searches directly in Windows File Explorer.

1 Navigation pane Lets you browse vaults and folders.
2 Windows File Explorer toolbar Contains commands that apply to the selected file or folder.

When you are logged in to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault, the Help button on the Windows File Explorer toolbar opens the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer help.

3 SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar Contains menus of commands that can be performed for the selected file or folder.

In search view, the menu bar contains additional buttons that are used to perform searches.

4 Search card Displays the card you selected so that you can specify search criteria.
5 Search results Shows the files and folders found in the search.
6 Search view tabs Display information about files you select from the search results list. These tabs are also available in File view.
7 Search toolbar Provides access to the commands used for an embedded search.