File View

When you open a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault, the folders and documents stored in the vault are listed in the File View in the upper section of the right pane. You can select a document to see a preview and access tabs with details.

SOLIDWORKS PDM File view in Windows 7

1 Navigation pane Lets you browse vaults and folders.

Local views of vaults are indicated by the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon . Links to the vault view appear in the Favorites list at the top of the Navigation pane and the location where you create the local vault view.

2 Windows File Explorer toolbar Contains commands that apply to the selected file or folder.

When you are logged in to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault, the Help button on the Windows File Explorer toolbar opens the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer help.

3 SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar Contains menus of commands that can be performed for the selected file or folder.
4 File and Folder list Shows files and folders that you have permission to access.
5 File view tabs Display information about files you select from the file list.

File and Folder List

The files you have permission to access are displayed in the upper section of the right pane.

The following column headings are standard for the file list and cannot be changed or deleted. You might see additional columns that have been created by your administrator. For example, the Version Number column appears if your administrator has added it using the Customizable Column dialog box in the Administration tool. See Version Number Column.

Name Name of the file or the folder.
Checked Out By The user who has checked out the file for editing. If blank, the file is available to all users with access rights.

If you mouse over a user name, a pop-up window displays user information such as login status and files checked out, and provides a link so that you can email the user. The pop-up can also contain user-provided information such as phone numbers, Web links, and a personal message.

Size File size.
File Type The application used to create and edit the file.
State The current state of the file as defined in the workflow, for example, Initiated or Waiting for approval.
Modified Date the file was created or last modified.
Checked Out In Local path to the checked out file.
Category (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) The administrator-defined category to which the file is assigned.

Admin login can change a category of a checked in file.

You can drag column headers to change the order of the columns in the file list and click column headers to sort files.