File List

The list below the toolbar shows which files are currently loaded in Autodesk Inventor. If an assembly or drawing is loaded, referenced parts and subassemblies appear with branches that show how the files are related.

The file list shows the following:
File Name Displays the file name.
Local Ver. The left number shows which version of a file is currently loaded in the vault. The right number shows the latest version of the file that exists in the vault.
Checked Out By Shows the current mode of the file:

File is checked out by you.

File is checked out by you and has been edited. Changes to the file are not yet saved by Autodesk Inventor.

Autodesk Inventor has updated the file, but you have not checked out the file. To save the changes, you must first check out the file. To save the changes in the vault, check in the file and a new version will be created.

If the file is being edited by another user, the user name of the person that checked out the file appears.

A green checkmark with (Local File) is in your local view. Right-click and select Add File To Vault or Add Tree To Vault to add it to the vault.

Checked Out Displays the computer and path of the file that is checked out.
State Shows the workflow status of the file.