Shortcut Menus

Right-click files in the file list and select a SOLIDWORKS PDM item from the shortcut menu. Depending on access rights and the current mode of the files, different options are available.

Open Opens one or more selected files in separate windows.
Edit Activates the selected part for in-place editing.
Check Out File Checks out one or more files for editing.
Check Out Tree Checks out the selected file and all references.
Check In Checks in one or more files that are currently checked out by you. You can type comments for changes made.
Undo Check Out Cancels the checkout for selected files. The most recent version in the vault is retrieved to the local view, overwriting any changes made to the selected files.
Get Latest Version Retrieves the most recent, available, version of the selected files to the local view. If you checked out the file, the file is overwritten by the latest version.
Get Retrieves an earlier version of the selected file to the local view. If you checked out the file, the file is overwritten by the selected version.
Properties Displays the properties of a selected file.
Add File To Vault Adds the file to the vault. If the file has not yet been added to the vault, it exists only in your local view.
Add Tree To Vault If an assembly or drawing contains parts that are in your local view, select the main file to add the tree of referenced files to the vault.

Graphics Window and Model Browser

Right-click items in the graphics window or model browser to use commands that affect the file of the selected item: Check Out, Check In, and Get.