You can use toolbar functions to use SOLIDWORKS PDM functions.

Check Out Checks out file for editing. When checked out, a check mark appears in the Checked out by column.
Check In Checks in file that is checked out to you.
Get latest version Retrieves the latest version of the selected files. If you checked out a file, changes made to this file are overwritten by the latest version.

History Displays the history of a selected file. You can view changes and retrieve earlier versions with this tool.
Properties Displays the properties of a selected file. If you have the file checked out, you can change the contents of the file data card.
Find Opens the Search tool.
Go to file source Opens a Windows File Explorer dialog box for the selected file that displays where the file resides.
Refresh file list Updates the information in the file list. Click the arrow on the button and select Rebuild Tree to rebuild the reference tree.
Get version Retrieves the earlier version files.
Add-in options

Autorefresh (minutes). Sets the minutes that pass before the file list automatically refreshes.

Highlight selected parts. Keeps the items selected in the file list highlighted in the graphics window.

Hottrack Highlight. Highlights the corresponding item in the graphics window when you move the pointer over items in the file list.