Recording Video

You can capture a video of actions in the graphics area.

The MotionManager lets you save animations.

To record a video of the graphics pane:

  1. Click Record Video (Screen Capture toolbar) or View > Screen Capture > Record Video.
  2. In the Record Screen Capture to File dialog box:
    1. Specify the location to save the video.
    2. Type a name for File Name.
    3. Select a format for Save as type (Microsoft .avi format or as a series of still images in .bmp or .tga formats).
      If you select .bmp or .tga, you must change the extension for the file name, which defaults to .avi.
    4. Select a value for Renderer.
      SOLIDWORKS screen Saves the on-screen display as a video or series of images.
      PhotoView (Only available with PhotoView 360 added in.) Saves and enhances the graphics quality of the recording to include features such as shadowing, true reflections, and anti-aliasing.
    5. Adjust size and shape of the display.
      Width and Height These settings originally correspond to the size of the SOLIDWORKS screen.
      Fixed aspect ratio Retains the original proportions of the image when you change Width or Height.
    6. Select one:
      Use camera aspect ratio If the view is through a camera, uses the aspect ratio used by the camera.
      Custom aspect ratio (width : height) Sets the aspect ratio to one of a set of preset values, to match the active window, or to match the background image.
    7. Under Frame Information, set the number of Frames per second.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you are recording to an .avi file, the Video Compression dialog box lets you set compression.
    • If you are recording to still images, click OK to close the message that tells you the file names that will be saved.
  5. Manipulate your model in the graphics area.
  6. Click Stop Video Record or View > Screen Capture > Stop Video Record to end the video.

Compressing Video Recordings

Compression ratios impact image quality. Lower compression ratios produce smaller file sizes, but also lower image quality. The compression ratios vary depending on the compression program you use.

The key frame rate impacts image quality if you make changes in the graphics area quickly. The rate is how often an exact copy of the screen display is saved. Each frame includes only what has changed since the last key frame. If you have excess variation between frames, lower the key rate.

To set video compression:

  1. Select a Compressor (Microsoft Video 1, Cinepak, Codec by Radius, and so on).
    To create the video without compression, select Full Frames (Uncompressed). Clicking Cancel aborts the recording.
  2. Adjust the Compression Quality slider.
  3. Type a value for the Key Frame rate.
  4. For additional compression options, click Configure. The options available depend on the compressor you select.
  5. Click OK.