Accepting Features

You have several streamlined ways to accept features you create, including right-click actions, using the Confirmation Corner, and using standard PropertyManager commands.

After creating a preview of a feature, you can:

  • Right-click and select OK or Cancel from the shortcut menu.
  • Right-click when the pointer changes to to accept the preview, or click to return to the preview without accepting the values.

Confirmation Corner

Another way to accept features is to use the Confirmation Corner. You can:
  • Click the OK or Cancel icons that appear in the Confirmation Corner of the SOLIDWORKS graphics area.

  • Click the Exit Sketch icon in the Confirmation Corner to finish the sketch or click the Cancel Sketch icon to discard changes to the sketch.

To turn off the Confirmation Corner, click Options . On the General tab of the System Options, clear Enable Confirmation Corner.


In an active PropertyManager, you can:
  • Click OK or press Enter.
  • Click Cancel or press Esc.

Moving the Confirmation Corner Options to the Pointer

You can confirm changes in the sketches and tools by using the D keyboard shortcut to move OK and Cancel to the pointer location in the graphics area.

To move the Confirmation Corner options to the pointer:

  1. Open a tool.
  2. Use a manipulator to modify a feature.
  3. Click in the graphics area and then press D.

    The buttons from the Confirmation Corner move to the pointer position, making it easier to complete the action.

To move the buttons back to the Confirmation Corner, press D again.