Reference Triad

A triad appears in part and assembly documents to help orient you when viewing models. You can also use it to change the view orientation. You can hide the triad but you cannot use it as an inference point.

You use a different triad to manipulate sketch entities, models, assembly components, etc. See Triad.
To display or hide the reference triad, click Tools > Options > System Options > Display. Select or clear Display reference triad, then click OK.

To change the view orientation with the reference triad:

Do one of the following:
Option Description
Select an axis See the view normal to the screen.
Select an axis that is normal to the screen Change the view direction 180 degrees.
Shift + select Rotate 90 degrees about the axis.
Ctrl + Shift + select Rotate 90 degrees in the opposite direction.
Alt + select Rotate about the axis by the Arrow keys increment specified in Tools > Options > System Options > View.
Ctrl + Alt + select Rotate in the opposite direction.