Smoothing PropertyManager

Smoothing the mesh can help rectify jagged or unrefined areas. You can smooth the entire mesh or only local regions.

You cannot undo smoothing once you click PM_next.gif. If you need to remove smoothing, cancel and re-start the Mesh Prep Wizard.
  Global Smoothness Drag the slider to smooth the entire mesh.

Before smoothing:


After smoothing:

  Local smoothness Use the selection tools to select the area on the mesh, then move the slider to smooth that area.
  • Box Selection
  • Lasso Selection
  • PM_Polygon_Selection.gif Polygon Selection
  • Allow selection depth adjustment. Lets you set the selection depth of the mesh to smooth. The depth selection bounding box is based on your view into the model. Video: Adjusting the Selection Depth
  Boundary Smoothness Smooths and relaxes the boundary. Video: Smoothing a Mesh Boundary. The yellow-colored boundary becomes smoother as you drag the slider to the right.