DimXpert Chamfer Controls Options

These options influence how chamfer features are recognized by the DimXpert commands, and define the tolerance values used when size tolerances are created by the Auto Dimension Scheme or Size Dimension tools.
These options do not affect pre-existing features, dimensions, or tolerances.

Width settings

Controls when faces can be considered as candidates for chamfer features.
These controls do not affect the recognition of SOLIDWORKS chamfers as DimXpert chamfer features.
Chamfer width ratio Sets the chamfer width ratio, which is computed by dividing the width of a face adjacent to a candidate chamfer by the width of the candidate chamfer.

In order to be recognized as a chamfer, the result must be greater than the ratio for each calculation.

In these examples, the Chamfer width ratio is set to 1.

The colored face would be recognized as a chamfer (ratios of 2 and 1.5)

This colored face would be recognized as a plane (ratios of 2 and .75)

Chamfer maximum width Sets the maximum chamfer width. In these examples, the Chamfer maximum width is set to 10.

The face with a width of 9 is recognized as a chamfer.

The face with a width of 20 is recognized as a plane.

Tolerance settings

Distance Tolerance Type Options:


Value is interpreted as plus and minus


Values are added or subtracted from the feature's nominal size


Number of decimal places


General Block

The option for Block, General, or General Block is based on whether you select Block Tolerance, General Tolerance, or General Block Tolerance for the DimXpert Method. See Tools > Options > Document Properties > DimXpert .