DimXpert Location Dimension Options

Set Location Dimension options to define the tolerance type and values to apply to newly created linear and angular dimensions defined between two features. These options apply to dimensions created with the Location Dimension and Auto Dimension Scheme tools.

These options do not affect pre-existing features, dimensions, or tolerances.

Tolerance Type Options

Symmetric Value is interpreted as plus and minus
Bilateral Values are added or subtracted from the feature's nominal size
Block Number of decimal places
General Block  
The option for Block, General, or General Block is based on whether you select Block Tolerance, General Tolerance, or General Block Tolerance for the DimXpert Method. See Tools > Options > Document Properties > DimXpert .

Inclined Plane Dimension Scheme

Locate planes with angle dimensions. The Auto Dimension Scheme tool applies angle dimensions to planes at an angle to a datum or reference plane.
Inclined Plane Dimension Scheme Example
inclined_plane_dim_scheme_linear_angle.png Linear and angle