Design Clipart

Design Clipart allows you to find and reuse many entities from SOLIDWORKS, DWG, and DXF files.

How Design Clipart Works

Design Clipart, using SOLIDWORKS File and Model Search search_files_and_models_menu.png (upper right corner), searches specific folders, finds and dissects files, and extracts data that you can reuse in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Parts are dissected into features (extrudes and cuts), sketches, and blocks.
  • Features are dissected into sketches.
  • Drawings are dissected into general tables and blocks.
  • DWG/DXF files are dissected into tables, blocks, and views.
The source files are not changed when Design Clipart dissects them.


The images created during dissection are displayed as thumbnails in the Search tab when you do a SOLIDWORKS Search for Files and Models. Drag the thumbnails into SOLIDWORKS files to recreate the dissected entities. I3D_ClipArt.png

In the Search results, select a dissected file thumbnail and click in the context toolbar to view a thumbnail of the dissected entity in the Search results pane.

The SOLIDWORKS Search box search_files_and_models_menu.png displays the search path to the entity. In the Search pane, entities are filtered by Kind and Search Locations.

For example, if you select Boss-Extrude1 in the image shown, another thumbnail of dissected Sketch3, appears in the Search results pane.

The path to the extrusion appears in the SOLIDWORKS Search box.