Searching for Help, Commands, and Files

You can search for information in the SOLIDWORKS Help or on the MySolidWorks website, which includes access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base.

You can also search for valid SOLIDWORKS commands for the current document and for files and models on your computer.

To search for information:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS software, expand the search menu (upper-right corner) and select an option:
    SOLIDWORKS Help Searches the SOLIDWORKS Help.
    The option to search SOLIDWORKS help is only available if you select Use Web help.

    If Web help is not enabled, you can click > Help to search locally installed help.

    Commands Searches for valid SOLIDWORKS commands for the current document.
    Files and Models Searches your computer for files and models.
    MySolidWorks Searches the MySolidWorks website using the selected filters.
  2. Select the search method and enter the text to search for, then press Enter.