Alerts Tab

The Alerts tab provides important SOLIDWORKS news.

The tab displays one or more of the following sections if the information is available.


If a critical alert exists, the Welcome dialog box opens to the Critical section automatically on startup, even if you selected Do not show on startup in the dialog box. Alerts display until you select Do not show this message again.


The section includes troubleshooting messages and recovered documents.

For problems with known solutions, the section lists the number of times the problems have occurred on your machine, and possible solutions. The solutions include:
  • Contacting Technical Support about installing hotfixes.
  • Checking for updates to see if you need to apply service packs.
  • Making sure that the machine has a certified or tested graphics driver.
If a link for Check for Updates or System Diagnostics appear, click the link, and follow instructions for that option.

Document Recovery

Recovered documents appear under Document Recovery. To recover documents, enable auto-recovery in Tools > Options > System Options > Backup/Recover.

Technical Alerts

The Technical Alerts section opens the contents of the SOLIDWORKS Support Bulletins RSS feed at