Learn Tab

The Learn tab lets you access instructional resources to help you learn more about the SOLIDWORKS software.

Sections in the Learn tab include:
  Introducing SOLIDWORKS Opens the Introducing SOLIDWORKS book.
  Tutorials Opens the step-by-step tutorials in the software.
  MySolidWorks Training Opens the Training section at MySolidWorks.com.
  Samples Opens local folders containing sample models.
  MySolidWorks CAD Models Opens the CAD Models section at MySolidWorks.com.
Online Tutorials Opens the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials (videos) section at solidworks.com.
My Training Opens the My Training section at MySolidWorks.com.
Certification Opens the SOLIDWORKS Certification Program section at solidworks.com.
Curriculum Opens the Curriculum section at solidworks.com.

When you install the software, if you do not install the Help Files or Example Files, the Tutorials and Samples links are unavailable.