Distributed Mass PropertyManager

To access the Distributed Mass PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • In the Simulation study tree, right-click External Loads , and select Distributed Mass.
  • From the Simulation CommandManager, click the down arrow next to External Loads Advisor , and select Distributed Mass.

Distributes a specified mass value on the selected faces for use with static, frequency, buckling, and linear dynamic studies. Use this functionality to simulate the effect of components that are suppressed or not included in the modeling when their mass can be assumed to be uniformly distributed on the specified faces. The distributed mass is assumed to lie directly on the selected faces, so rotational effects are not considered. Use remote mass if the mass cannot be assumed to be uniformly distributed.

For static studies, you should define either gravity or centrifugal loads for the distributed mass to be effective. The program internally calculates a) the static load based on the acceleration because of gravity defined in the Gravity PropertyManager or b) the angular velocity and angular acceleration parameters defined in the Centrifugal PropertyManager.


Faces for Distributed Mass Select faces to which you want to apply the uniformly distributed mass.

Total Mass

Units Sets the unit to be used in specifying the distributed mass.
Distributed Mass Sets the value of the total mass to be applied to the selected face. The total mass is distributed proportionally to the area of each face.

Symbol Settings

  Edit Color From the color palette, select a color for the distributed mass symbol.
Symbol size Use the spin arrows to change the size of the symbols.
  Show preview Turns on/off the display of the distributed mass symbols.