Evaluation Design Study

You specify discrete values for each variable and use sensors as constraints. The software runs the study using various combinations of the values and reports the output for each combination.

This module lets you evaluate certain scenarios of your design and view their results without performing optimization. You can evaluate up to 4,096 what-if scenarios based on defined variables. If you define simulation sensors for the constraints, the simulation runs the associated studies to track the sensor values for each scenario. For example, if you specify variables that change the mesh, such as geometric model dimensions, global element size, and mesh control, the software remeshes the model for each scenario. For the Evaluation Design Study, you can use sensors defined for static, nonlinear, frequency, buckling, drop test, and thermal studies.

Use the Variable View tab to automatically define the scenarios based on all possible combinations of defined discrete variables. Use the Table View tab to specify each scenario manually or clear certain scenarios before running the study.

Define these items to set up the design scenario module:

  • Variables: You select a list of setup parameters or define a new parameter by selecting Add Parameter. Define the variables as Discrete Values or Range with Step.
    If you select Range, the program uses the Optimization Design Study.
  • Constraints: You select a list of predefined sensors or define a new sensor.