Properties for the Evaluation Design Study

If you use the Variable View tab to define the variables, the program defines the scenarios based on all possible combinations of the defined variables.

In the following example, two discrete variables as follows are defined:

Variable name Values
width 1.2mm,1.4mm,1.65mm,1.9mm
length 10mm,11.5mm,12mm

Because there are 4 values for width and 3 values for length, all combinations result in 12 design scenarios. In general, if you define n variables with vn values for the n th variable, the program defines (v1 x v2 x ... x vn ) design scenarios.

If you use the Table View tab instead of the Variable View tab, you must define each scenario manually. The options that define the properties of the study include the following:

High Quality

The program runs all defined scenarios. You can clear specific scenarios by clearing the check box in the scenario's column on the Table View tab.

Do not use continuous variables for the Evaluation Design Study.

Fast Results

The program strategically selects certain scenarios to calculate fully. It interpolates the results for the rest of the scenarios. The scenarios with interpolated results are displayed in gray text on the Results View tab.