Flatten Route PropertyManager - Flatten Parameters

Manufacture-Style Only

Select a route segment, segment center, and define the formboard sketch for a manufacture-style flattened route.

To open the PropertyManager for a manufacture-style flattened route, from an electrical routing assembly, click Flatten Route (Electrical toolbar), and select Manufacture.

Flatten Parameters

Route Sketch Segment Specifies a sketch segment near a route segment end. The segment specifies the flattened route orientation.
Flattened Route Center Specifies the center of the formboard sketch for the flattened route.
Formboard Width Sets the width of the formboard sketch.
Formboard Height Sets the height of the formboard sketch.
Segment Orientation Horizontal or Vertical or Applies orientation to the selected segment, or to the segment closest to the center of the route if you do not select a segment.

Drawing Options

Select tables and annotations to appear on the drawing. Click Open Table Template to browse for different templates.

Electrical BOM Adds an Electrical BOM table at the upper-right of the drawing. The default template is bom-standard.sldbomtbt.
Cut list Adds a Cut list (Circuit summary) table at the top of the drawing. The table lists cut lengths and connection information for each conductor. The default template is bom-circuit-summary.sldbomtbt.
Connector table Adds a table for each connector with pin/cavity designations and lists the corresponding wires. The connector table is inserted near the connector block. The default template is connector-table.sldtbt.
Auto balloons Adds balloons for each item in the bill of materials.