Annotation-Style Flattening

Annotation Tools

Tool Description
Drag. Enables you to drag any sketch point or line in the flattened sketch. Select Flip Selection to select the complementary segments on the other side of the sketch segment.
Horizontal. Constrains the selected segment horizontally, and enables you to toggle the segment between horizontal positions.
Vertical. Constrains the selected segment vertically, and enables you to toggle the segment between vertical positions.
Delete Relations. Removes the horizontal or vertical constraint on a sketch segment, so you can position the segment at an angle. After you delete relations, click Drag to reposition the segment.
Fanout. Enables you to manipulate and position fanout segments. Select Position Angle to define the position of the fanout in respect to the base segment. Select Spacing Angle to define spacing between fanout segments.

Example: Horizontal

To constrain a segment to be horizontal:

  1. Click Horizontal PM_EditFlatRte_Horizontal.gif.
  2. Select a sketch segment.
  3. Click in an empty region of the graphics area.

    The segment is constrained to be horizontal.


Example: Vertical

To toggle a segment vertically:

  1. Click Vertical PM_EditFlatRte_Vertical.gif.
  2. Select a sketch segment.
    The pointer changes to pointer_toggle_segment.gif.
  3. Right-click.

    The segment flips vertically.


Example: Delete Relations

To delete relations:

  1. Click Delete Relations PM_EditFlatRte_DeleteRelations.gif.
  2. Select a sketch segment.
  3. Click Drag PM_EditFlatRte_Drag.gif.
  4. Drag the segment to position it an angle.