Decimating Graphics Mesh Bodies

You can use the Decimate Mesh Body tool to reduce the facet count in graphics mesh bodies. A lower facet count makes it easier to modify a graphics mesh body.

Original Graphics Mesh Body Decimated Graphics Mesh Body
This tool does not support mesh BREP bodies.

You can reduce the facet count for an entire body or a group of facets in a body. To decimate a group of facets, you can use the Paint Select Facets tool to select a wide or narrow area of facets in the body. You can also use the Tangent Select Facets tool to select facets that are tangent from a seed facet.

Paint Select Facets tool Tangent Select Facets tool

The Decimate Mesh Body tool calculates facet reduction by a percentage of the total facet count, or by reducing the total number of facets to a specified number. You can further reduce facet count by defining a maximal deviation tolerance between the original and the resulting mesh.

You can enter different values to reduce facet count, assess the result, and restore the body or group of facets to their previous state.