Segment Imported Mesh Body Tool

You can use the Segment Imported Mesh Body tool to group facets of a mesh BREP body into faces bounded by sharp corners, planar faces, and cylindrical faces.

The Segment Imported Mesh Body tool identifies:
  • Groups of facets that form planar or cylindrical faces.
  • Faces that are separated by a sharp angle or crease angle.
  • Planar faces in a mesh BREP body so that you can use them as sketch planes, extrude references, and in other models with planar references.

This tool is most useful for CAD files that you export to mesh and then import into the SOLIDWORKS software and convert to mesh BREP bodies. Although the tool can work with scanned files and bodies with mesh-based sculpting and artistic geometry, these often have very irregular geometry that the software cannot segment.

When you import a mesh file and convert it into a mesh BREP body, each body is represented by a single face. The facets are not grouped or segmented into groups of facets that form faces.

Converting a mesh body to mesh BREP is not like converting standard SOLIDWORKS BREP to mesh BREP, where face definition in the standard SOLIDWORKS BREP is preserved in the mesh BREP.

In the example that follows you set system options and import a mesh .STL file. Then you divide the mesh BREP body into crease angle, planar, and cylindrical segments.