Assembly Open Progress Indicator

The Assembly Open Progress indicator provides information on the status of operations while you open an assembly.

For assemblies that take longer than 60 seconds to open, the indicator remains open after the assembly opens.

The indicator provides information on the following operations:

Open Components Loads the top-level assembly and reference documents. Shows the number of opened components and the total number of files in the assembly.
Update Assembly Updates models including mates, assembly features, patterns, and in-context models.
Update Graphics Generates graphics.
Elapsed time Shows the amount of time required to open the assembly.
Previous time to open Shows the amount time required to open the assembly the last time the assembly was opened.

The Previous time to open operation is specific to the assembly mode. This information is saved for Lightweight and Resolved modes.

After opening the assembly, click Performance Evaluation in the indicator dialog box to view performance information specific to opening the assembly. To view the performance information later, click Tools > Evaluate > Performance Evaluation.

You can suppress the Assembly Open Progress indicator by selecting Do not show again. To restore the progress indicator, click Tools > Options > System Options > Messages/Errors/Warnings, and select Assembly Open Progress Indicator.