Checking Component Image Quality

In Assembly Visualization, you can check for components whose image quality might be slowing down graphics performance of very large assemblies.

The property Graphics-Triangles indicates the number of tessellation triangles used to display a component. For a given component, as you increase the image quality setting, the triangle count increases and performance slows down. If graphics performance is slow in a very large assembly, you can sort components by Graphics-Triangles. Then consider hiding components with high triangle counts.

To sort by Graphics-Triangles:

  1. Click Assembly Visualization (Tools toolbar or Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > Evaluate > Assembly Visualization.
  2. In the Assembly Visualization panel, click the arrow to the right of the column headers and click More.
  3. In the Custom Column dialog box, for Properties, select Graphics-Triangles.
  4. Click OK.
    A Graphics-Triangles column appears in the Assembly Visualization panel.
  5. Click the column header to sort by that property.
    To improve the graphics performance of the assembly, consider hiding components with high triangle counts.
    To help you visualize which components have the highest triangle counts, turn on the color spectrum by clicking the vertical bar on the left side of the Assembly Visualization panel.

    The vertical bar displays a spectrum of colors from red to blue. In the graphics area, each component changes to its adjacent color in the Assembly Visualization panel. The colors reflect the relative value of the property for each component.