Suspending Automatic Rebuilds

With Large Assembly Settings enabled, you can defer the full update of assemblies until you are ready to rebuild the assembly. By deferring the update, you can make many changes, then rebuild the assembly once.

If required, the assembly rebuilds automatically for internal updates and to protect the integrity of the model.

Use this option only when required. Rebuild errors created while this option is active do not become apparent until you clear this option or you manually rebuild. Determining the cause of the errors can be difficult after you deactivate the option and rebuild the assembly.

To defer the full update of assemblies:

Click Tools > Options > System Options > Assemblies and under Large Assembly Settings, select Suspend automatic rebuild.

See Large Assembly Settings for information about opening an assembly with Large Assembly Settings enabled.

If you are editing either a mate or items above Mates in the FeatureManager design tree and Suspend automatic rebuild is selected, items after Mates are not automatically rebuilt.

If you create or edit an assembly feature with this option enabled, the assembly is updated until you finish editing the feature.

To manually update when in Suspend automatic rebuild mode, click Rebuild on the Standard toolbar.

In an active assembly, operations for the center of mass linked to mass properties update only when they take 0.5 seconds or less. If the update takes more than 0.5 seconds, the center of mass is marked with , and is not updated until you initiate a rebuild manually.