Insert Part PropertyManager

In this PropertyManager, specify items from the source part or component to include in the derived part or component. You can include items such as custom properties, sketches, and model dimensions.

To open this PropertyManager:

Create a derived part or component by any of the following methods:

Command Procedure
Insert Part In a part document, click Insert Part (Features toolbar) or Insert > Part.
Mirror Part In a part document, click Insert > Mirror Part.
Derive Component Part In an assembly document, select a component and click File > Derive Component Part.
Mirror Component In an assembly document, click Mirror Component (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mirror Components. In the PropertyManager, follow the steps to create an opposite-hand version, and in Step 3: Opposite Hand, click Next . The Insert Part PropertyManager appears as Step 4: Import Features in the Mirror Components PropertyManager.

Part to Insert

Open Documents Lists previously saved documents that are open. From the list, select a part, or click Browse to open an existing document.
Configuration Lists the configurations available in the selected part. From the list, select a configuration.

Available when Open Documents specifies a document.

Click to pin the PropertyManager if you want to insert multiple parts without having to reopen the PropertyManager.


Includes the selected items from the source file in the derived file.

Solid bodies  
Surface bodies  
Cosmetic threads  
Absorbed sketches  
Unabsorbed sketches  
Custom properties  
Cut-list properties  
Coordinate systems  
Model dimensions  
Hole wizard data  
Sheet metal information Transfers the sheet metal and flat pattern information from the original part to the mirrored part such as fixed face, grain direction, bend lines, and bounding box. Some sheet metal features are not supported for mirroring or inserting, including lofted bends, swept flanges, welded corners, and non-linear edge flanges and hems.
Unlocked properties (Available when Sheet metal information is selected.) Lets you edit the sheet metal definition in the mirrored part, which updates the cut list properties. For drawings of mirrored and derived sheet metal parts, you can include punch information in punch tables. When using the Insert Part tool, bend and gauge tables are not transferred to the destination part, regardless of whether you select Unlocked properties.
Body Material  
Part Material  

Locate Part

Locate part with Move/Copy feature (Available only for Insert Part.) After you click in this PropertyManager, the Locate Part PropertyManager opens so you can position the inserted part.


DimXpert scheme Includes DimXpert annotations from the original part.


Break link to original part Breaks references between the derived file and the source file so you can independently edit the features in one file without affecting the other file.


Preserve Z-axis When mirroring a component by creating an opposite-hand version, respects the Z-axis orientation of the selected component by preserving the Top and Front planes.

Visual Properties

Propagate from original part Propagates colors assignments from the parent part to the derived part, including colors assigned to the part, bodies, features, and faces.