Selecting Silhouette Edges

You can select the silhouette edge of a rounded surface, such as a cylinder.

To set silhouette edge visibility, click Options Tool_Options_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options > System Options > Display and select Dynamic highlight from graphics view.

Silhouette edges are included in box-select operations.

To select a silhouette edge:

  1. Open a sketch on a model face, plane, or in an active drawing view.
  2. Select one of the tools:
    • Convert Entities Tool_Convert_Entities_Sketch.gif
    • Offset Entities Tool_Offset_Entities_Sketch.gif
    • Smart Dimensions Tool_Smart_Dimensions_Relations.gif
    • Add Relations Tool_Add_Relation_Dimensions_Relations.gif
  3. Move the pointer over a cylindrical face until the pointer changes to pointer_silhouette_edge.gif.

  4. Select the highlighted edge.