Using Detach Segment on Drag

You can detach the end-points of a segment (line, arc, ellipse, or spline) from other entities it is attached to in a sketch, if dimensions or relations do not prevent dragging.

Detach Segment on Drag is not available in 3D sketches.

Detach Segment On Drag does not delete relations. Delete relations before you drag an entity to detach. See Display/Delete Relations PropertyManager.

To unmerge sketch endpoints with Detach Segment on Drag:

  1. Open any sketch with segments or closed spline endpoints.
  2. Right-click the entity to detach and click Detach Segment on Drag .
    The endpoints change to a different color when you select the entity with merged points.
  3. Drag the endpoint to the desired location.
  4. Right-click the entity and clear Detach Segment on Drag.