Edit File Vault Archive Folder Path Dialog Box

Use the Edit File Vault Archive Path dialog box to change to path to the vault archive folder on the archive server.

To display the dialog box:

In the Index Settings dialog box, right-click and select Edit.

Path to file vault archive folder on the archive server The path from the archive sever to the folder containing the file vault archives. (Read only)
Path to file vault archive folder from index server Path as seen from the system that is running the indexing service (typically the SQL server).
  • If the Index server is located on the same system as the archive server, use a local path to the archives. Copy the path displayed in the first field and paste it into the second field.
  • If the index server is located on a system other than the archive server:
    • Provide a UNC path to the archive folder.
    • Username - Provide the domain login of a user with read/write access to the UNC share, for example, the domain administrator.
    • Password - Type the user's password.
    • Verify password - Retype the user's password.