Configuring the Index Service on a Non-SQL Server System

To set up the indexing service, the SOLIDWORKS PDM database server and Microsoft SQL Server must be able to communicate with the system used as the index server.

The processes listed here are described in the SOLIDWORKS PDM/SOLIDWORKS Manage Installation Guide.

To configure the index service on a system other than the SQL Server system:

  1. Update the vault database with the index server name.
    If the server name includes hyphens (-), enclose the name in double quotes (" ").
  2. Change the database server login account.
  3. Change the SQL Server login account.

    If the index server and SQL Server are in the same domain, you do not have to change the SQL Server login account.

  4. When the service accounts and vault database have been configured, add the indexing service and index the vault archives. See Indexing Vault Archives on a SQL Server System.