Using Windows Search for Content Search

SOLIDWORKS PDM can use the Windows Search service to perform content searches.

Microsoft does not support the Indexing Service for Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 operating systems. SOLIDWORKS PDM uses the Windows Search service to support content search on these operating systems.

To use the Windows Search for Content Search:

  • The administrator must configure the Windows Search service and index a file vault archive folder.
  • The file vault archive folder that is being indexed must be:
    • On the same machine as the configured Windows Search service.
      Windows Search does not support indexing remote network shares or mapped network drives. The archive folders must be accessible on locally attached storage or SAN storage.
    • Accessible to the Windows Search service to build a system index.
  • If the archive server is on a different machine than the SQL server:
    • The administrator must share the file vault archive folder.
    • The logged in user running the SQL server service must have full permission to the shared folder.
    • The Windows Search service must be installed on the SQL server machine as well as the Archive server hosting the vault archives.

When the Windows Search service builds the system index, the administrator can set up SOLIDWORKS PDM to use the system index.