Slope PropertyManager

To open the PropertyManager, select a pipe segment in the graphics area and right-click Edit Route (Piping toolbar). Right-click the sketch entity at the location where you want to add the slope and select Add Slope add_slope_button .

  Route Segments Displays the segments of the pipe to be sloped. These segments must be axially aligned.
  Gravity Plane Displays a plane that defines the direction of gravity. Pipe segments that are not parallel to the plane are adjusted in length to accommodate the slope. Select Reverse direction PM_reverse_direction.gif if required.
start_point_for_slope Start Point Displays the start point for the slope. The start point must be a fixed point that the pipe segment can use to rotate and create the slope.
slope_angle Slope Angle Defines the ratio of the rise divided by the run between the start and end points of the pipe segment. The default ratio of the slope is 1units:1units. Additionally, you can provide the input value as an angle dimension in degrees.
  Weld Gap Adds weld gaps to the selected route segment.

Overrride default gap

Defines a value for the override default gap.