Annotating a Slope in a Drawing

You can annotate slopes in pipe drawings by adding Slope as a custom property to the Bill of Materials.

To annotate slopes in drawings:

  1. From a pipe drawing, right-click the Bill of Materials and select Insert > Column.
  2. In the Column Type dialog box, select Slope for Property Name.

    A column for Slope is added to the BOM. Pipe segments that contain slopes are listed in the BOM.

    If you are using a customized BOM template, you need to add Slope as a custom property. See SOLIDWORKS Help: Bill of Materials - Custom Properties.
  3. Right-click the centerline of the sloped pipe and select Annotations > Pipe Slope.
  4. Left-click Pipe Slope and select one of the following slope angle annotations:
    • Up...
    • Down...
    • Inverted Down...
    • Inverted Up...
The pipe drawing displays the slope annotations and lists the slopes in the BOM.