Adding a Slope

To add a slope to a pipe route:

  1. Open a routing assembly and click Piping > Edit Route (Routing toolbar).
  2. Right-click the sketch entity at the location where you want to add the slope and select Add Slope add_slope_button.
  3. In the Pipe Slope PropertyManager, under Route Segments, select the route segments to slope. They must be axially aligned with the first segment.
  4. In the graphics area, drag and drop fittings to the route segments from the Design Library or Routing Libraries.
    You cannot add a fitting to a slope if the fitting has been fixed or has an external mate that prevents the fitting from moving.
  5. Select the Gravity Plane.
    The route segments must be on that plane.
  6. Select a Start Point.
    The start point must be a fixed point that the route segments can use to rotate and create the slope.
  7. Enter the rotation angle of the Slope, expressed as a ratio or as an angle dimension in degrees.
  8. To add a weld gap, select Weld Gap Tool_WeldGap_Piping.gif and select the segments from the Route Segments box in the PropertyManager.
  9. To set an override for the weld gap, select Override default gap and specify a value.
  10. Click Pin at the top of the PropertyManager, and then click PM_OK.gif to add a slope and leave the PropertyManager open.

The slope is added to the route segments.

Add Slope

You can edit the slope by selecting a route segment and right-clicking Edit Slope edit_slope_button. To remove the slope, right-click the segment and select Remove Slope remove_slope_button. You can also annotate slopes in drawings and BOMs.